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General Questions – Florida telehealth, What is Telehealthcare, & More2023-11-22T00:17:02+00:00

General Questions

Get all of your general questions answered. Questions like “What is telehealthcare?”, “how does this work” and more can be found below.

What is telehealthcare or telemedicine?2023-11-06T00:10:33+00:00

It is common for people to ask what is telehealthcare, do not worry. Telemedicine is virtual health care and wellness via phone, text or video. We provide telehealth and virtual health visits here at Wellside Health.

Do you perform workman’s comp exams?2023-10-31T14:48:05+00:00


Do you allow same day or walk in appointments?2023-10-31T14:47:25+00:00

Yes, appointments can be booked just 3 hours prior if available. Fill out the necessary forms and be seen the same day.

How do I pay for my appointment?2023-10-31T14:46:57+00:00

We accept all major credit or debit cards. Your form of payment will be stored on file and processed towards the end of your appointment.

Do you see patients under the age of 18?2023-10-31T14:45:39+00:00

Yes. We see children ages 10 and up.

Do you offer services for employers or companies with multiple patients/employees?2023-10-29T22:58:42+00:00

Yes. For additional information, contact us.

What devices can I be seen on or use for our visit?2023-10-29T19:47:30+00:00

Your cellphone, laptop or tablet device will be compatible for your visit.

How much do your services cost?2023-10-31T14:46:16+00:00

Provider visits are $50-60 dollars. We also utilize Quest Diagnostics for lab services, nominal prices may vary. 

Can I pay for my visit with HSA or FSA funds?2023-10-29T22:56:09+00:00


Can I have my FMLA forms completed at Wellside Health?2023-10-29T18:37:59+00:00

No. Not at this time.

Do you provide work notes?2023-10-29T18:37:11+00:00

Yes. We provide work notes when applicable. Work notes cannot be backdated. Work notes needed for over 3 days are not available at this time.

Do you offer in person visits?2023-10-29T19:43:06+00:00

Visits are only provided virtually via video. Text messages may be available soon. 

Do you provide care in states other than Florida?2023-10-29T19:41:19+00:00

We are licensed in over 20 states, however at this time, we are only providing care in the state of Florida.

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